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Gluetry.com Dedicated Handmade products 

Our roots come from the Telugu States Andhra Pradesh & Telangana, We believe that hand-made gifts are more appreciable as so much reasoning operates following producing one. Indian handicrafts are famous all across the globe because they are inventive and incomparable with lots of craftsmanship. They immensely seize the vibrant practice of India.



Decor Thinking of giving your house a makeover? Now with Gluetry, you won't have to think twice. Decor items at Gluetry have a series of unique home decor items that would help you give your house a makeover that you always wanted to. The decor section of Gluetry includes Idols & figurines, Home Accents, Wall Clock, Handicraft Items, Wall Decor, Desk Accessories, Garden & Patio, and Lamps & lightning. All these items are the ones that you would wish to focus on more while giving your home a makeover. And at Gluetry, for you, it's even easier to choose from as you will have many good items to choose from according to the appropriateness of your home.


The most notable part of your home is the Furnishing. Furnishing is what catches the eye of one person as soon as they enter the house. Furnishing at Gluetry includes every item that is the most distinguished. Bedsheets, Blankets, Cushions and pillows, and Premium Hotel Furnishing is all that one would find at Gluetry. It is also very obligatory that the furnishing items at one place is good to see for the eye but also the best quality-wise. At Gluetry, you would find furnishing items that good in looks but also the best when it comes to the essence. Bedsheets and Blankets are dermatitides free and also are so comfy that you would always want to be in your succor zones. Bath towels are so absorbent that you wouldn't have to worry about the water dripping off your body after a bath.


Who doesn't love to have Paintings hanging in their home? Paintings add an unconventional vibe to your home as they heighten the semblance of your home. A few like Framed Paintings and a few like Canvas paintings hanging on their walls. And a few would even like Original Artists Paintings, as these paintings have a meaning or a story to tell. All these paintings at Gluetry, come in a set of 3, set of 4, and set of 5. These paintings also have Matt Textured UV Art paintings. At Gluetry, one can even find different types of paintings such as Still Life paintings that can be kept above the dining table and also Animal paintings which consist of running horses and many more. Folkart paintings are the most famous and are here for eternities. Floral paintings and Abstract paintings are also among the various paintings that are in the paintings section of Gluetry.


Furniture is the most elemental part of your home. And all must have an item of furniture that is not only stimulating to carry all the pieces but also which looks high-grade in real. At Gluetry, you will find furniture items that consist of Wall Shelves and a Temple/Mandir. Wall shelves at Gluetry come in a set of 2, set of 3, and set of 6. Single shelves and Corner shelves are also available that are mostly used to decorate the abandoned corners or uninhabited places in your home. Temple/Mandir is a quintessential part of your home as everyone wants to have their homes spiritually uplifted by the ubiquity of a holy entity.


Be it a big occasion or small or no occasion at all, but surprising or offering our loved ones with Gifts is what they deserve. Don't they? Gifts shouldn't be just limited to occasions. At Gluetry, we have gifts for all people and of all types for you to choose from. Occasional gifts, Corporate gifts, Exclusive Gifts, Return Gifts, Couple gifts, Gifts by relationship, and gifts by type are what one can find on Gluetry's gifts section.


The kitchen is the most favorite room of the house and the Dining is the second favorite. And to make both more enjoyable one must-have Tableware & cutlery and storage items that are attractive and fascinating to use. At Gluetry, this section also has Kitchen organizers, Drinkware, Serveware, and also German Silver products. All these commodities at Gluetry are a magnificent choice if one yearns to buy it for themselves or even when one envies to gift it to someone.

Gluetry is an online marketplace,A platform where the customers can search from a plethora of available options.
We specialize in authentic handicraft products where artisans and producers can sell directly to customers.
Gluetry’s have come up with some incredible initiative to step into the leading e-commerce market.
Being customer-centric we have developed a platform for encouraging and empowering our producers and customers.
It has provided the customers with a feature where they can shop directly from the craftsmen.
We have brought a twist in the legacy of e-commerce portals with some new features for the customers to experience.
The high definition images make the products more attractive and alluring.
Our point by point esteem breakdown will enhance your trust in us. We work with the aim to serve our customers with the best of services possible.
In addition, you never disregard to get the right thing for you and your loved ones.
We stand out in the market due to our selfless approach and value our customers’ happiness more than making profits.
We have come up with some of the new categories of products in the e-commerce industry.
Handicrafts have the essence of our country craftsmen’s hard work and talent.
Gluetry’s present craftsmen with exposure and opportunity to grow their business and stand out in the global market.
We try to showcase the hard work behind every single masterpiece and the journey of the artwork through the merchant stories available on our website.
The consumers can access the stories behind every merchant’s struggle and their inspiring life histories.
A tribute to the Indian handicraft art and culture. And including it in the way of living. As the name says Living the Art in Life. Bringing some lost stories and keeping it alive from generation to generation.
Support independent creators

There’s no Gluetry warehouse – Just Hundreds of people selling the things they love. We make the whole process easy,Helping you connect directly with makers to find  something extraordinary.

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The products  you can find on Gluetry Shopping App are :
• Handmade Women’s Clothing
• Handmade  Men’s Clothing
• Handmade  Home Decors
• Handmade  Women’s & Men’s Footwear
• Handmade  Furniture
• Handmade  Jewellery
• Handmade  Dolls
• Handmade Sarees
• Handmade Clothing
• Handmade paper-crafts
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2. Narrow down your search using filters like price, color, style, pattern, brand to find your desired product
3. Check ratings and reviews given by other customers along with seller ratings, price, and description of the product while buying the product
4. You can also add products to your wish list with a single tap
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